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Bolivar Soberano (Limited edition 2018)


CategoryLimited Edition
Ring Size21,43mm
Cigars per box10

In stock

The Soberano represents just the second time that Bolivar has been selected to create a Limited Edition for Habanos, following the 2009 Petit Belicosos and the Super Coronas in 2014.

This means the 2018 Soberano is a rare treat for lovers of this full-bodied brand and has created quite a lot excitement among certain cigar smokers.

The size of the Soberano is known in the factories of Cuba as a “Duke” and was originally made famous by the much loved and now much sought after 2009 Limited Edition, the Romeo y Julieta Duke.

Since then the size has also been used for the extremely popular Partagas Serie E No.2 which was introduced to the standard Partagas portfolio in 2011.

The literal translation of Soberano is “Sovereign” and this wide-girth, full-bodied cigar seems a suitably august offering to bear such a regal name.

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